Thursday, December 06, 2007

Let's Mix It Up!

The 15th Annual
Cookie Swap

Take a break from the holiday rush to share a
Christmas spirit with old and new friends.

WHEN: Saturday, December 14th December 15th, 10am
WHERE: Alanna's

RSVP: when you can (sorry, I know I am much late with invitations)

What's the Same
Bake ten dozen (usually two to three batches) of one kind of favorite holiday cookie, candy or other confection – plus a couple for sampling. Afterwards, head home with ten dozen of many kinds of cookies, candies and delectables!
Your family and holiday guests will be most impressed!

Tip #1: We divide up the cookies based on how many participate. I’ll let you know the day before how many packages to separate the 10 dozen cookies into.
Tip #2: If you want some of your own cookies for home, bake more than 10 dozen because the 10 is for sharing with everyone else, not yourself.
Tip #3: No fancy packaging expected, paper plates with plastic wrap or ziplock bags are fine.
Tip #4: Bring a copy of your recipe to post here (we live in hope ...)
Tip #5: If you can’t come but want to swap, drop off your cookies beforehand.

What's New!
First - My friend Lydia from Rhode Island is launching a great nationwide program called 'Drop In & Decorate, Cookies for Donation" that I'd like us to participate in.
Beforehand, I'll bake large cut-out cookies and whip up a bunch of colored frostings.
On Saturday morning, after a little glass of "holiday cheer", we'll decorate the cookies, working together around the dining room table.
Once the cookies have dried, I'll package them in clear gift bags to deliver to a local charity.
(Any ideas for the charity? A shelter? A hospice program? If any of us have one we're particularly attached to, I think that would be great. If not, I'll work on something ...)

Second - If you happen to have any 'Christmas-y' decorations in your cupboard, like sprinkles or dragees or anything like that, bring one. You might bring an apron, too. (It's not too messy but you might dress accordingly.)

Third - Because we'll be using the dining room table for decorating, "brunch" would be a bit awkward. So I've invited two of our guests (Karen and Natalia, who are starting up personal chef/restaurant consulting services, respectively) to bring appetizers for us to snack on. There will be plenty of coffee and champagne and snacks, just not the "meal" we've had before.

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